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Floating Uros Islands Half Day (1 day)

This half day tour allows you to see the floating islands of Uros, located in the highest navigable lake in the world, islands constructed from totora reeds and aquatic plants, you'll see more than 68 islands, where the people live by hunting of birds and artisanal fisheries of fish of the place, and are considered great builders of totora, a peculiar experience not to be missed. Daily departures...

Per Person From: $12.00 Detail
Sillustani Complex - Half day. (1 day)

No te pierdas de conocer el Complejo Arqueológico de Sillustani, mas conocido como el Cementerio Qolla, las famosas “Chullpas de Sillustani”  torres funerarias de forma circular, construidas en piedra y que alcanzan los 12 metros de altura. salidas diarias...

Per Person From: $15.00 Detail
Uros & Taquile Islands in Normal Boat - Full Day (1 day)

Conoce los atractivos más visitados del Lago navegable más alto del mundo “Lago Titicaca”, como las islas flotantes de los Uros construidas de totora y peculiar forma de vida y la Isla Taquile llena de cultura viva, con traslados, lancha, guía, almuerzo, ingresos. Dalidas diarias...

Per Person From: $24.00 Detail
Uros & Taquile Islands in Fast Boat Full Day (1 day)

We invite you to visit the most important attractions of Titicaca Lake, the highest navigable lake in the world As the floating islands of the Uros built of reeds and peculiar way of life, and the Taquile Island full of living culture, with transfers, traditional boat, guide, lunch, income. Daily departures...

Per Person From: $35.00 Detail
Brillant Uros Island & Sillustani - Full Day (1 day)

Visit to the Uros floating islands located in the highest navigable lake in the world constructed from totora reeds and the Archeological Site of Sillustani funerary towers of circular shape, built in stone and that they are about 12 meters in height, includes transfers, tourist boat, guide, income. Daily departures…

Per Person From: $34.00 Detail
Fascinating Uros - Amantani & Taquile Islands (2 days)

Experience the most fascinating tour of the Titicaca, knowing the main of Uros Islands, Amantani Island and the Taquile Island, ideal for sightseeing experiential, where you will live an experience that you are not going to be an observer, you will be part of them, with transfers, boat, guide, accommodation in local house, food. Daily departures…..

Per Person From: $42.00 Detail
Corredor Quechua: Complejo de Sillustani, Pucara, Lampa y Ayaviri (1 day)

Conoce el Corredor Quechua, visitando las Chullpas de Sillustani, Pukara y su Museo Litico, Lampa la ciudad Rosada y su hermosa catedral, y Ayaviri y el bosque de piedras de Tinajani.

Per Person From: $95.00 Detail
Corredor Aymara: Chucuito, Cutimbo, Juli, Pomata. (1 day)

Visita el Corredor Aymara, Un trayecto a las orillas del Lago titicaca, conociendo el Templo de la Inca Uyo conocido como el Templo de la fertilidad, ubicado en la localidad de Chucuito, las Chullpas de Cutimbo, la pequeña Roma de America ubicado en la localidad de Juli y Pomata, este circuito lo puede realizar con conexión a Bolivia.

Per Person From: $80.00 Detail
Aramu Muru - Hayu Marca Half day. (1 day)

In private service visit the so-called "Stone Forest" of Juli in Puno  where there is a extraordinary door carved in the rock known as Amaru Muru door  which means the city of the spirits, without a doubt a mystical place of much energy and a repository of numerous legends and responsible for the most enigmatic  places of the altiplano.

Per Person From: $59.00 Detail
Cruise in Titicaca Lake Sun Island Puno - Puno (1 day)

Visita la Isla del Sol cuna del Imperio Incaico y disfruta de las vistas panorámicas al Lago Titicaca y paseo por la ciudad de Copacabana donde podrá conocer a la Virgen Morena en Copacabana, el programa incluye: traslados, crucero, guía bilingüe, alimentación, entradas. Salidas diarias…..

Per Person From: $221.00 Detail
Cruise on Titicaca Lake with dawn on the Sun Island Puno - Puno (2 days)

Programa especial a la Isla del Sol conocida como la Cuna del Imperio Incaico, conoce de esta Isla zona Sur y Norte y comparte su cultura viva, incluye: traslados, transporte, Crucero Catamarán, 01 noche en la Isla del Sol Crucero, guía bilingüe, alimentación, entradas. Salidas diarias…...

Per Person From: $325.00 Detail
The Sun Route Puno to Cusco (1 day)

Enjoy an exciting voyage in the path of the Sun from Puno to Cusco in 10 hours. Visit to the Museum of Pucara, the Temple of God Wiracocha "Raqchi" and the church of Andahuaylillas includes: Tourist transport, bilingual guide, tickets, buffet lunch, onboard service, Wi-Fi. Daily departures.

Per Person From: $58.00 Detail
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A country with over 5000 years of history, one of the cradles of civilization and one of the greatest empires in historical and archaeological legacy that was gestated through different ancient cultures one of the most diverse nations on the planet. A destination that holds infinite destinations. Festivities, customs and traditions that reflect the social and cultural fusion, are still alive. Ecosystems that host countless species of flora and fauna in nature reserves, unique environments of coastal, desert, andes and amazon jungle. Unique experiences that combine our hospitality, special selection of attractives, attention and first class amenities. Modern and cosmopolitan, as well as one of the richest and recognized cuisines in the world. There is a Peru for everyone and we invite you to find out.